BurnFree First Aid Burn Gel 60ml
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Packing: 60ml per Bottle


•BurnFree Rescue Pain Relieving gel solves the immediate first aid needs for all types of burns by relieving the pain, rapidly removing the heat, and cooling the burn. It reduces swelling, redness, and additional skin and tissue damage.
•BurnFree Rescue Pain Relieving gel is viscous enough for it to remain on the burn and not run off, while simultaneously drawing the heat out and up into the gel.  It stops the burn progression.
•The convenience of pocket sizes bottle makes Burn Free Pain-Relieving Gel portable and easy to use to treat small burns.
•Be Prepared, Stay Calm. BurnFree Rescue Pain Relieving gel ideal for inclusion in first aid kits at home, restaurants, laboratory, industry, military, mining, workplace, outdoor activities eg Picnic, BBQ.
•All types of burn: fire, sun burn, thermal & scalding, electrical, chemical burn, radiation 
•Suitable for:
    o Superficial / Partial Thickness Burns
    o Rehydration of Dressings
    o Difficult to reach areas


Pertologan Cemas Untuk Terbakar
•Rawat luka melecur dan terbakar anda dengan Burn Free Pain-Relieving Gel
•Sesuai untuk semua jenis luka terbakar yang berpunca dari api, selaran matahari, rakaman terma, bahan kimia, radiasi, geseran dan elektrik.
•Bersiap sedia, Bertenang: Sediakan Burn Free Pain-Relieving Gel di rumah, tempat kerja, restoran, makmal, industri, tentera, perlombongan, aktiviti luar, seperti berkelah & BBQ


Fungsi Burn Free Pain-Relieving Gel Untuk:
1.Menyejukkan bahagian yang melecur dan terbakar
2.Melegakan kesakitan
3.Melegakan selaran matahari


Registered Under MDA Act 737
MDA Reg No: GC3130621-75740
MDA Advertisement Approval Number: MDAMD 0491/2022