Forehead Thermometer Strip c/w Casing
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Product Description

•Use this thermometer strip to monitor temperature trends and for the first signs of fever.

•The thermometer strip can be used whilst baby/infant/kid is asleep and with very little disturbance. The parents can monitor babies' body temperature continually, and won't effect babies' sleep.

•Instant Read: 35 Degree Celsius to 40 Degree Celsius; 95 Degree Fahrenheit to 104 Fahrenheit, this temperature strips will show the current temp through its different colour variation after 15 seconds.

•Easy to use: quickly measure (about 15 seconds) for estimation only.

•No batteries required, Unbreakable, compressible.

•No mercury, non-toxic, safe for health and environment.

•Reusable, please don't throw it, you can use it a few times.

•An essential pack of forehead thermometer strip for the home, school, nursery, travel or the workplace. For first aid and emergency use only to estimate body temperature when the digital temperature is not available



How to use the Forehead Thermometer Strip:

1.Hold the thermometer firmly at both ends and press flat against the middle of a dry forehead.

2.Hold in place for at least 15 seconds.

3.Read the thermometer while it is on the forehead.

4.Green indicates the correct temperature.

5.If the only colours showing are blue and tan the temperature is between the two.


Registered Under MDA Act 737

MDA Reg No: GA3465222-95204

MDA Advertisement Approval Number: MDAMD 0491/2022

What's in the box
  • Come with casing
  • 1pc/box