Sterile Gauze Swab
Brand Vitalfour
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  • 8ply
  • Mesh 24x20

Available Sizes
Sterile Gauze Swab 5cm x 5cm
Sterile Gauze Swab 7.5cm x 7.5cm
Sterile Gauze Swab 10cm x 10cm

Packing: Pack of 5pcs

  • Sterile Gauze Swab treats small to medium cuts, burns, scrapes, and other wounds.
  • It used to stop bleeding and keep wounds clean.  
  • It also protects the area from dirt and debris that can cause wounds to get infected.


Registered Under MDA Act 737
MDA Reg No: GA10903120-39490
MDA Advertisement Approval Number: MDAMD 0119/2022