Wooden Splint For First Aid
Brand Vitalfour
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A wooden splint is a medical or first-aid device commonly used to stabilize and immobilize injured limbs or body parts. It is typically made of lightweight and smooth-surfaced wood which ensures it does not cause further harm to the patient.



•Versatility: Wooden splints are adaptable and can be used to immobilize a wide range of injuries, including fractures, sprains, strains, and dislocations.

•Lightweight and Portable: •Solid and durable wooden. Being made from lightweight wood, these splints are easy to transport and carry, making them an essential addition to any first-aid kit or emergency medical bag.

•Immobilization and Support: The primary benefit of wooden splints is their ability to immobilize and support injured limbs or body parts, helping to prevent further damage and reducing pain during transport to medical facilities.

•Immediate First Aid: With their widespread availability, wooden splints can be readily employed during emergencies, providing immediate first-aid care before professional medical help arrives.

•Simplicity of Use: Wooden splints are easy to use, even for individuals without medical training. Their straightforward design allows anyone to stabilize an injury effectively.


Sizes: 155mm x 45mm x5mm

Packing: 2pcs/box


Registered Under MDA Act 737

MDA Reg No: GA10476423-145534