First aid kit is an essential in our daily living as injuries can’t be prevented and it can happen anywhere and anytime. It can be used at various places such as home, office, restaurant, factory and many other locations. It acts as an early treatment before getting a proper medical treatment at hospital.

First aid kit come in various content, sizes and container material. It can be easily bought nowadays, such as through online purchasing and pharmacy. Before purchasing, we should have some ideas what is the common first aid item that we need in our kit. Normally it depends on the individual when it comes in choosing first aid kit based on their needs.

Such as home, office, restaurant, gym and etc. Before purchasing, you can estimate around how many households or people that are sharing the kit to determine the size of first aid kit as every kit quantity of content are varies. For common use in indoor, PVC box material will do. Whereas to keep in car, you can choose to have pouch or PVC. Both are portable to carry to outdoor. Recommended first aid item in kit as below:

  • For wound cleaning: cotton ball and gauze
  • Wound cleaning liquid: normal saline irrigation and antiseptic liquid, some first aid kit do offer one time use solution for hygiene purpose
  • Protect and securing wound: Crepe bandage, wow bandage, elastic bandage, triangular bandage, lint dressing, plaster, surgical tape, and scissors
  • Antiseptic agent: antiseptic cream, yellow lotion, povidone and alcohol swab
  • Additional item, normally can be found in large kit: Plastic tweezer, CPR face shield, biohazard bag, instant cold pack, medicated oil, and glove
  • First aid kit guide as user manual: first aid guide booklet, user guide booklet, CPR card


*Item suggested as above is part of the basic first aid item that is commonly use. As for some kit   they equip with certain cleaning item and dressing only, the other item available as add on based on your needs.  Some first aid kit, they come in sterile packaging.


*Information provided is for reference only.